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The final Union Report with Sue Bradford & Chris Trotter discussing the future of the NZ union movement

23 Oct

Issue 1: What are the challenges confronting the modern Union movement politically in NZ?
Issue 2: Is globalization strengthening or weakening Unions?
Issue 3: What solutions must Unions champion for 2014?

The Union Report with Rachel Mackintosh & Paul Goulter (15/10/12)

17 Oct

Issue 1: The EPMU call it a jobs crisis, Government calls it a challenge. What are the solutions?

Issue 2: National Standards are flawed and information used to judge school closures in Christchurch was wrong – is public education under attack?

Issue 3: If youth wages are the answer, what was the question?

The Union Report with Jill Ovens from SFWU and Peter Elliot from Actor’s Equity (1/10/12)

2 Oct

Issue 1: Does consultation with Government mean actual consultation or the pretense of consultation and are employers using the same tactics when negotiating?

Issue 2: What impact does a lack of job stability have on workers and society?

and Issue 3: 600 job loses last week doesn’t bode well for the unemployment rate. We can afford corporate welfare, why not more job creation support?

The Union Report for 24 September 2012 with NZNO’s Hilary Graham-Smith and CTU’s Dr Bill Rosenberg

25 Sep

In this week’s episode:

  • Issue 1 – 6% GDP with 6.8% unemployment rate, how does the economy provide the momentum to create growth and secure jobs?
  • Issue 2 – Are safe staffing and healthy workplaces being ignored for cost cutting?
  • Issue 3 – Does the real cost of private prisons make a mockery of the public private model?

The Union Report with Dr Alistair Shaw and Chris Trotter (17/9/12)

18 Sep

Issue 1: A new survey shows that bullying in the public service is rife – do we have a bullying work culture and what do we do about it?
Issue 2: Does labour skills shortage and rising unemployment suggest the 90 day right to sack law has failed and is now part of the problem?
Issue 3: Is the Government doing enough to tackle poverty?

Coming up 24th Bill Rosenberg from the CTU and the NZNO; 1st October SFWU & Actors Equity; 8th October Laila Harre;

Citizen A 7pm Thursday Triangle TV


The Union Report with EPMUs Rachel Mackintosh and Unites Matt McCarten (10/9/12)

11 Sep

Issue 1: From Tiwai Point to Spring Creek mines – how many more redundancies can communities take?

Issue 2: What does the BurgerKing dispute tell us about the real state of workers rights in NZ?

Issue 3: How do we tackle the overvalued NZ dollar that is hurting so many manufacturers and exporters?

The Union Report with PSA’s Jeff Osborne and Labour’s Darien Fenton (3/9/12)

5 Sep

Issue 1: With inequality at a historic high, why is the Government hellbent on crushing Unions with new Industrial Relations legislation? Issue 2: 555 public sector jobs gone last year and another 400 to go this year – why does the Government need even more bargaining power from the new State Sector Act? and Issue 3: Will the Local Government Amendment Bill strangle local democracy?

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