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Unite 2014 Conference and AGM

20 Oct

U2012 Unite Conferencenite will be holding its 2014 National conference and AGM in Auckland on Monday 1st December and Tuesday 2nd December at the St Columba Centre, 40 Vermont St,  Ponsonby,  Auckland. Delegates will be attending from all over the country to participate in training workshops, discussions about the future of unionism and Unite, and to elect Unite’s National Executive, the leading body of the union.


The conference is a great opportunity for leading members from different sectors and regions to meet up, learn from each other’s experiences, and take the movement forward. Any member can attend as an observer but voting representatives need to be either elected as AGM reps or already elected as  a rep from their worksite.

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Casino workers fight outsourcing – picket 1-3pm Friday

17 Jul

On Friday the 18th of July, Unite will be picketing SkyCity Casino urging them not to outsource the Cleaning Services department. This proposal will affect almost 100 workers, some with more than 10 years loyal service at the casino.

Unite workers and supporters will be rallying from 1-3pm outside the main casino entrance in opposition to the proposal. Outsourcing leads to reduced job security and uncertainty and the cleaners have strongly expressed their desire to remain directly employed by SkyCity.

SkyCity was given the International Convention Centre approval on the premise that it was a job creator. It has now shown how happy it is to reduce its workforce and we believe most of the 800 supposed jobs will be part time or casual and wonder how many more jobs SkyCity could shred before it is even opened.

Please come and show your support for these vulnerable workers as we ask SkyCity to do the right thing and keep their jobs.

#PIZZAHURT! Rally for fair redundancy pay for Pizza Hut workers 3.30pm Thursday

17 Jul


We deserve fair redundancy pay.

330pm, 666 Great South Road, Penrose.

For further info contact Malcolm Scott, Unite Delegate 021 177 8493 or Joe Carolan, Unite Union Campaigns Officer 029 44 55 702

By Malcolm Scott, Unite Union Delegate
The pizza hut callcentre has been in existence for about 20 years in various forms. I started with the callcentre 12 years ago, soon after it re-located from the original corporate office to an office suite in mid-town, central auckland. Originally, we processed all pizza hut and KFC phone orders. Later, the KFC delivery service was discontinued. 9 1/2 years later, after extensive downsizing due to increasing automation of the pizza hut ordering process, it was annouced that we were getting restructured and re-located to the new head office, in penrose. Most of the remaining staff were laid off. One woman, who had been with the callcentre since the start and was unable to relocate due to her failing health, lost her job and was forced into retirement. She got nothing from the company aside from the legally mandated residual leave entitlement.

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Farewell Matt! Unite office, 4pm, Wednesday

3 Mar

David Cunliffe (left) and Matt McCarten (Right) greet on a protest against the government’s anti-union laws

Unite is hosting a farewell for Matt McCarten this Wednesday at 4pm at the Auckland Unite offices at 6a western Springs Rd, Morningside, Auckland. It will be following a Unions Auckland meeting from 2-4pm at the same place on the union movement’s election strategy for 2014.

Matt was the founder of the organisng drive a decade ago that took Unite from a few hundred members to 7,000 members today. Along the way Unite reunionised sectors that had been considered too hard to organise by many – including fast foods, call centres, hotels, security, and language schools.

Matt has accepted a new role as chief of staff for the Labour Party leader David Cunliffe.

This is your chance to tell Matt this is the smartest or dumbest thing you think he (or David Cunliffe) has ever done. There is usually not much in between in discussions on this matter.

My own views on the matter are contained in this blog reprinted fom The Daily Blog.

The McCarten Appointment by Mike Treen

The decision by Labour Party leader David Cunliffe to appoint Unite Union leader Matt McCarten as his chief of staff has been a huge surprise on the left of politics.

The decision by Matt McCarten to accept the appointment is also something of a surprise to those who have seen Matt as one of the most prominent critics of the Labour Party’s failure to articulate a genuine and inspirational vision for the left.
If Labour wins the election Cunliffe’s decision will be seen as the inspired choice of a courageous leader. If Labour loses Matt and Cunliffe will probably be looking for a new job.

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Getting the right pay these holidays

23 Dec

Secure Jobs

With Christmas and New Years here it is important to know what your entitlements are through this period.


If you work on any public holiday, you should always be paid at least time and a half for the time you actually work (that means your normal hourly rate plus 50%).


You are entitled to a paid day off on a public holiday if it would otherwise be a working day for you.


Establishing if a day is an otherwise working day is important to understand what entitlements you should receive on a public holiday. If it is not clear what day would be an “otherwise working day” then you should:

  • Check your Collective Agreement
  • Check your work patterns in previous weeks
  • Consider any other factors, including;
    • if you only work when work is available
    • rosters or similar systems
    • reasonable expectations (if you would be expected to work on the day).

It is standard practice that if you work three out of the previous four same days of the week the public holiday falls on you are entitled to treat it as an “otherwise working day” but this isn’t a hard rule.


If you feel your roster has been changed by your manager in December so that you don’t qualify for a day-in-lieu then contact Unite on 0800 2UNITE and let us know. Continue reading


13 Dec

Unite Union is looking to employ full-time and part-time organisers to be based in Wellington and Christchurch. Both organisers will have a primary repsonsibility for visiting, recruiting and representing workers in the fast food industry, cinemas, hotels and security.

Organisers need to have some experience as a union delegate, being an advocate for workers and beneficiaries or organising experience in community movements. A knowledge of current industrial law would be an advantage.

Applicants need to be computer literate. A current drivers licence is essential as substantial travel will be required.

Applications should be sent by email to Unite National Director Mike Treen mike by 5pm, Friday, December 20.

Final days to sign TPPA secrecy petition – closes 12 Nov

11 Nov

Please make sure you have signed and encourage everyone to get us up to 25,000 – we are almost at 24,000 now

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Sign the petition here at

We now have over 23,000 signed up in several places, but want a final push to get as close to 25,000 as we can.


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Stopwork meetings planned against anti-union law changes

12 Aug

First Security Ratification

13 Jun

The Unite bargaining team has received a settlement offer of the Collective Employment Agreement from FIRST Security. As a part of the bargaining process members of Unite Union are required to vote on the offer before it can be completed. The offer will be accepted if the union members concerned ratify the settlement by 50% plus one person accept it.

Ratification Meetings have been scheduled on Monday 17 June at:

1300 to 1400

1700 to 1800

1900 to 2000

Location:Unite Union office, 6A Western Springs Rd, Morningside, Auckland

 How can I attend these meetings?

On-Shift attendance: Staff who attend a meeting inside their rostered shift will be paid for 2 hours and are required to R.S.V.P to their Manager and Unite Union by Friday 14 June 5pm.

Off-Shift attendance: Staff who attend a meeting outside their shift will be paid for 3 hours. Registration will be required upon attending the meeting.

Unable to attend: Contact Unite Union for copy of the offer and to find out how you can register your vote.

For more information contact Shanna Reeder, Unite Union Security Organiser on 0800 2 Unite or 029-445-5703.

“The Rat” is coming to McD’s Greenlane 1pm today

22 May

Support the Unite Union protest against "Stolen Breaks and Stolen Wages" outside McDonald’s Greenlane and the company head office.

For more information Phone Joe 029 445 5702

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